My Ruby Slippers Goes on the Road

My Ruby Slippers: The Road Back to Kansas will appear in print in March 2011.  And in June, I’ll be taking it on the road with my traveling companion and husband, filmmaker Frederick Marx.

We’ll be stopping in at local places, celebrating local cultures, showing movies on the side of our trailer, and doing readings along the way.

We’ll also be filming our journey, interviewing people we meet, taking the pulse of this moment in American life.

The great traveling road show begins in California, winds it way up through Oregon and  Washington, east into Idaho, Montana, the Dakotas, and down into Kansas and beyond.

To book a whistle stop, give a holler in the comments.  I’m happy to appear at your local bookstore, coffee house, library or living room.

And watch this site for My Ruby Slippers news.


About Tracy Seeley

Author of MY RUBY SLIPPERS (U of Nebraska Press, 2011).
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17 Responses to My Ruby Slippers Goes on the Road

  1. Tracy Seeley says:

    What!? No comments!?

  2. Delphine says:

    The most exciting pair of shoes for Summer 2011 – by a long shot… 😉

  3. Sandra Ott says:

    Can’t wait to see what I have been missing in Kansas, since I have only been out on vacations. What connections with bookstores here in Wichita have you made already ?? Any help we can give you , just ask. The long lost childhood friends will be on the march to have a parade down Douglas if we need to, or make contacts with bookstores, book clubs, etc. Just ask and we will provide or at least try.

    • Tracy Seeley says:

      Hi Sandra, I’m hot on the trail of Watermark Books and hope to do an event there alongside paintings by Charles Sanderson (he was my neighbor on Magnolia, and father of my great friend Charla). We’re working on the details. A parade down Douglas by the old childhood friends gang would be superb. Where are you living now? Maybe we can roll on through your town.

  4. Any luck with trying to get to Atlanta, Georgia?

    • Tracy Seeley says:

      Hi There, I’ve never been to Georgia (though I have a friend from Baxley), and the Atlanta airport doesn’t count. I’d love to come. But it’s a bit too far for the summer road trip. Should I find my way coming that direction in the fall, though, I’ll let you know. My hope is to visit all 50 states. Thanks for asking–and I hope your fall is beautiful down there.

  5. Kathleen Steele says:

    Hi, Tracy. I am a friend of Harriet Scott Chessman and teach at the College of San Mateo. I am interested in your book because I grew up in the Midwest and just finished writing a big (as in multi-generational) novel that takes place in Indiana. Is your book a memoir? Would love to hear more. Can you supply links? Thanks.

    • Tracy Seeley says:

      Hi Kathleen, Thanks for writing! My book IS a memoir, and it comes out next March. My website should go live next month. In the meantime, the only link to it is the University of Nebraska page HERE .

      Would love to talk to you about your book (and mine)–let’s make a plan. And give my best to Harriet.


  6. Bryan Morgan says:

    Tracy, I am indeed looking forward to getting a hold of your book. Noted that you will be promoting in the Spring; will you try to get down to Texas? Is that what you meant by “beyond?” It would be nice to get my copy autographed. It appears that you are in a “good place” right now. I hope that that is the case, even though “life is dukkha because of anica.”
    Blessing and peace,
    Bryan (From long ago and far away)

  7. Beth Lowe says:

    Hi Tracy – I found you on twitter (or you found me!). I’m very intrigued and can’t wait to read your book. There are some wonderful indie bookstores in and around Boston, especially the sweet one in Concord, MA, home to famous, but now dead, authors, a pond, and battle sites. I’d love to have you come here!

    • Tracy Seeley says:

      I’d love to come to Boston! We don’t plan to get that far east on the summer raod trip, but I’m happy to work on a plan to get to the east coast. I lived in New Haven for awhile (long while ago), so get a hankering now and then to get back. I know about that pond.

  8. poetpeteet says:

    Sorry to read that Atlanta is too far;I grieve that we’re not only not in Kansas but not even in the immediate beyond.Ruby slippers are certainly flying shoes though,no?-and Baxley is a place I would like to go also-so I’ll hope for a stop there in the far beyond…This fall lingers here yet,flames of Sourwood line the roadsides and as the Kudzu dies back the plants that have survived the smothering reappear and the woodchucks sit in the sun on their red clay stoops.So do bring the ruby slippers here someday please,there are many other red shoes rambling these roads of flame and rust-and come March I’ll put mine on and head to one of our fine bookstores to get my copy of yours.

    • Tracy Seeley says:

      Mr. Peteet, you’re a poet indeed. It’s good to hear from you , and to hear how beautiful it is down your way. We don’t get much of that kind of color-changing fall out here in the Bay Area, though we do feel the change in light and the coming of fall and winter rains. I’d love to come to Atlanta, and will see what kind of southern plans I can put together for after the summer.

  9. CARL SEELEY says:

    No one goes on a road trip without asking me to come along. You might be able to have a good time without me. A short detour to Arizona, wouldn’t have been much out of the way. Carl and Road trips are synonymous, look it up in the dictionary. Well you be practicing up on Free bird , you have 2 months. I haven’t been on a road trip since…..the 70’s..well maybe later. Hope you are having a good time. Love, Carl

    • Tracy Seeley says:

      So far, so good, Carl. We’re getting the cruise control fixed somewhere south of Mt Shasta, but we’re having fun anyway. Even made tea in our RV. I’m not sure I’ll be managing ‘Free Bird’ by August, but ‘Kumbaya’ should be no problem.

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