Book Tours: Sometimes They Come With Robins, and Sometimes You Just Log On

Not the nest on the back porch, but I don't have my camera

Today, I’m sitting at my sister’s kitchen table in Indianapolis watching the robins’ nest propped on top of the porch light.   The parent robins fly out for food and fly back to the nest, all. day. long.  I can hardly look away.  And today, the hatchlings are just big enough to poke their open beaks above the rim of the nest and yell out, “Me! No, me!” when the worm-winners fly in with lunch.

A good reminder of the world’s real, physical wonders.

It also reminds me to tell you that while I sit here staring, I’m also traveling the blogosphere for the next month.  I’ll be appearing in interviews and guest posts, as well as being featured in reviews of My Ruby Slippers.  Brave new world.

You’re invited along, and your comments will often enter you to win a free copy of My Ruby Slippers.

Stay tuned for my next adventures.  I’m going horseback riding in Yellowstone in a few days.  And since I’ve never been on a horse, there could be tales to tell.

Meanwhile, here’s how to follow along on the blog tour while sitting at your own kitchen table:

June 27 and June 29, Monday at Writing Come Hell or High Water

Review of My Ruby Slippers on Monday.  Guest Post on “Discovering Yourself Through Writing” on Wednesday. 

June 28, Tuesday at Beyond Breast Cancer

Book Giveaway.  Guest post on why I don’t like talking about breast cancer but decided to write about it in My Ruby Slippers.

July 1, Friday at Readaholic

Guest post on why we need  indie bookstores. Come share your favorite bookstore experience and win a copy of My Ruby Slippers.

July 13, Wednesday at Donna’s Book Pub

Guest post on how My Ruby Slippers went from idea to book. Chance to win a free copy!

July 15, Friday at Lit Endeavors

Review, giveaway, and guest post on The Pleasures and Dangers of Writing About Family.

July 19, at Writer Inspired 

Author interview.

July 20, Wednesday at A Slice of Writing Life

Guest post: Why do we feel drawn to our old homesteads? Book giveaway.

July 21, Thursday at The Cottage Bookshelf

First author interview!

July 22, Friday at Memory Writers Network

Interview with Jerry Waxler about memoir writing.

July 25, Monday at C Mash Loves to Read

Guest post on “You’ve Got Cancer…Again.”

July 27, Wednesday and Friday, July 29 at Women’s Memoirs

Wednesday interview about the road to publication and writing memoir.  Friday: everything I know and then some about marketing your memoir.

July 28, Thursday at Steph the Bookworm

Review of My Ruby


About Tracy Seeley

Author of MY RUBY SLIPPERS (U of Nebraska Press, 2011).
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