Postcards from the Middle

Greetings from Mullen, Nebraska this fine Monday morning.  The little town park is stirring to life, the mourning doves are cooing in the trees, and the robins and meadowlarks are singing.  ‘My Ruby Slippers,’ Captain Trips, the Bookmobile and I have just passed the half way point in our journey.  In fact we’re closing in on six weeks.

The book tour stops will come thick and fast in the next two weeks, and I feel Kansas coming closer and closer.  So take a breather and enjoy a few postcards from our vacation days out west.

Two tiny kids dressed as Charlie Chaplin

Tiniest Chaplins

If there were any justice in the world, these little guys would have won the Charlie Chaplin Look-Alike contest in Bellingham, Washington.  Last held in 1931, the competition brought out more than 50 contestants.  I was not one of them.

From Inside the Caldera at Craters of the Moon

Idaho’s Craters of the Moon National Monument: a giant field of lava flows and volcanic formations.  Fantastic, otherworldly and hopeful.  The earth is alive.  Look at those little green plants taking hold.

The Grand Tetons, with me and the Bookmobile blocking your view.

In Yellowstone National Park, my career as a horsewoman begins.  We were given two instructions before our 2-hour trail ride: don’t let your horse eat grass, and don’t let him trot.  Walking only.  Big, slow drag.  Sonny wanted to trot, I wanted to gallop, and he definitely wanted to eat grass, and sage, and shrubs, and wildflowers.  Who wouldn’t?

Bison watching in Yellowstone is a national sport, and these big animals rule the park.  On our last day there, we got in a massive bison jam.  At dusk, when a group of bison decide to cross the road to get from one green pasture to another, they get to.  Which means traffic stops and humans watch.  And the whole circus reminds us that humans aren’t on this planet alone.

Take care of the planet wherever you are, and if you’re anywhere in the vicinity of the ‘My Ruby Slippers’ tour, come on down.  Dates and places for Nebraska and Kansas:

July 13: Book Worm, Omaha, 6 pm.  /  July 14: Chapters Books, Seward, NE 5:30 pm  / July 16: Barnes & Noble, Overland Park, 2 pm. / July 19: Raven Books, Lawrence, KS, 7 pm / July 20: Lindsborg Public Library, noon / July 20: Watermark Books, Wichita, 7 pm  /  July 21: Rockwell Library, Wichita, 7 pm  /  July 23: Hays Public Library, Hays, KS, 2 pm


About Tracy Seeley

Author of MY RUBY SLIPPERS (U of Nebraska Press, 2011).
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6 Responses to Postcards from the Middle

  1. Harriet says:

    Gorgeous photos, Tracy!! Wow. I do feel as if I’m right with you and Captain Trips and the Bookmobile. SO COOL to be reading your memoir as you post these messages from this huge and puzzling and beautiful country. May your second half be just as filled with discovery and joy!

    • Tracy Seeley says:

      Thank you, Harriet. We’re crossing the endless Sand Hills today–largest intact eco-region in the US. Gorgeous, unpopulated, a call to contemplation and slow patience.
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  2. greeting from prague!
    lovely photos and enjoying your journey. and lovely photos!

  3. Sally Bishop says:

    Tracy, I picked up your guest post on Donna’s Book Pub. Your travels have taken you to many of the places I have been. I attended and graduated high school in Dodge City, KS (70’s) but have a sister who lives in Wichita, still. I lived in San Francisco, actually on Strawberry Point across the bridge (late 80’s), and I now live in the panhandle of Texas where this fall my son will be attending UT Austin. I was a northern transplant into Kansas but fell in love and still enjoy visiting there. I follow the blog of a photographer who lives in northeast Kansas just for the views. Good luck with your tour, I’ll pick up your book. Blessings.

    • Tracy Seeley says:

      Thanks, Sally–Meeting other Kansans out here on the road has been one of my book tour’s great pleasures, and finding them on line is equally sweet. Please tell your Wichita sister that I’ll be at Watermark Books on the 20th at 7 pm. It would be great to see her there. Incidentally, I lived in Texas for 12 years, including 8 in Austin, and I now have a sister and daughter there. I love that part of the world, too.

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